High Performance Bearing & Sealing System Manufacturer

High Performance Bearing Manufacturer

Performance Sealing Inc.(PSI) designs and manufactures high performance engineered polymer seals, bearings, and related components for diverse markets and applications.

ISO 9001 Registered Firm

High-Performance Bearing & Sealing System Manufacturer

We deliver improved sealing performance solutions for our customer’s products. PSI’s technology expertise in polymer materials, mechanical seal design and over 150 years of sealing system applications experience allows us to provide a sealing solution recommendation. This expertise combined with working closely with the customer’s engineering team allows us to develop a robust sealing system and breakthrough sealing system performance for your products.

PSI exists to make our customers successful and our goal is to be your “supplier of choice” for seals. We measure success by improved sealing performance, product quality, On-Time delivery, and best value position for our customers.

Our AS9100D quality system drives continuous improvement and we hold our self-accountable for our customer success and PSI team success. Contact us today for your performance sealing needs.

We are Committed to our Customer’s Success

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