Back-Up Rings - O-Rings

Back-Up Rings

Back-Up Ring Benefits

  • Excellent high temperature capability and resistance to extrusion compared to other conventional polymer sealing products.
  • Important for high pressure and temperature applications
  • Precision manufactured from Duron® polymers enhance basic seal performance
  • The Diametrical Gap is defined as the clearance between the rod and bore and the housing for the seal. Illustrated below is the standard recommended “E” diametrical Gap.


O-Ring Design

There are several back-up ring configurations depending on what type of sealing devices is being supported. They range from a standard uncut PTFE back-up ring per MS27595 to Dual Cammed PEEK back-up rings. For a complete proposal, submit a request for quote and we will respond, immediately.

Back-Up Ring Solid Back-up Ring Solid backup rings are ideal anti-extrusion device. This back-up ring is best used when maximizing performance and in split glands when installation is not an issue. RFQ
Back-Up Ring Standard Duty Single Turn Ring Standard duty single turn back-up rings are perfect for full O-Ring style glands when solid back-ups won’t install. RFQ
Back-Up Ring Double Thick Solid Back-up Ring Double thick solid back-up rings are used when extra high pressure capabilities are needed in split glands. RFQ
O-ring Double Thick Single Turn Ring Double thick single turn back-up rings are used when extra high pressure capabilities are needed in full-height gland and solid back-ups won’t install. RFQ
O-ring O-ring Contour Back-up Ring Contouring the back-up ring to more closely conform to the O-ring allows a double thick back-up ring in a gland that would not normally support a single thick ring. RFQ
O-ring Single Cammed Back-up Ring When pressures exceed the normal limits of the back-up ring, or when the extrusion gaps are extra wide, a cammed backup ring is chosen to mechanically deform and close off these extrusion gaps. RFQ
O-ring Double Cammed Back-up Ring Double cammed back-up rings are used when tolerances are extra wide or when both the ID and OD of the seal gland have extrusion gaps.  RFQ

These recommendations are guidelines only. Each sealing system must always be thoroughly tested by the customer or a qualified test lab to determine the actual high pressure performance of the sealing system. High pressure applications require testing that must include the maximum operating temperature at pressure and duration the seal will be exposed to in the actual application.

O-Ring Applications

  • Gas Compressor
  • Booster Pump
  • Turbine Engine
  • HPLC
  • Relief Valves
  • Choke Valves

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