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Rod & Piston Cap Seal

Dura-Cap™ design is used when exceptional wear life is required under high pressure applications. The Dura-Cap™ Cap Seal profile distributes the contact load provided by the elastomer compared to the O-ring energizer profile. This design is used in high pressure hydraulic applications. This will fit into Mil-G-5514 or AS4716 standard seal hardware dimensions. Inquire for non-standard glands.

Cap Seal Features

  • Bi-directional Piston Seal
  • One piece piston gland construction
  • Extended Service Life
  • High Pressure Hydraulics

What are Hydraulic Cap Seals?

Dura-Cap™ seals can be manufactured in many different Duron™ materials and are specified based on your conditions and parameters. For a complete proposal, submit a request for a quote and we will respond, immediately.

hydraulic cap seals

  • Low Profile elastomeric energized with DuronTM sealing surface
  • Elastomeric energizer must be selected based on fluid media and temperature
  • Duron™ material is determined by the hardware material and application speed
  • Anti-blow by side notches may be specified
  • Mini-grooves option available

Cap Seal Applications

  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Fluid Controls Metering Pistons
  • Hydraulic Flight Controls
  • Hydraulic Rod Seal
  • Helicopter Flight Controls
  • Landing Gear Seals

Contact our technical sales staff today to discuss your application's operating, hardware, and commercial conditions to develop the best performing seal solution.

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