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Cryogenic Seals

Sealing at cryogenic temperatures has its own unique set of challenges. PSI has a wide range of Duruseal® H,  Duruseal® FC and Duruseal® M solutions for cryogenic sealing applications. Cryogenic seals require skillful design by combining the right type of Duron® material, seal configuration, and spring energizer to overcome the dimensional fluctuation of all mating parts.

A PSI we are cryogenic seal manufacturers who excel at understanding the design intricacies of sealing at cryogenic temperatures. Temperatures below -150 °C (123 K; -238 °F) are considered a sealing materials breaking point. Cryogenic sealling solutions are used for applications that need to operate at extremely low temperatures.

Low Temperature Cryogenic Seals Application:

  • Rocket propulsion Filling Systems
  • LNG Compressors
  • Cryogenic Valves Stem Seals
  • Cryogenic Butterfly Seat Seals
  • Cryogenic Transfer Pumps
  • LNG Fueling Systems
  • Petroleum
  • Scientific Instrumentation
  • Specialty Gas Manufacturing

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