Duro-Glide™ - Bi-Directional Piston Seal

Duro-Glide® Piston Seal

Duro-Glide™ is a bi-directional piston seal or may also be used as a rod seal. The dynamic seal material is made from Duron® PTFE filled material energized by an elastomer O-ring. The Duron® polymer sealing device is used to lower the seal friction and also contributes to improve seal life in pneumatic non-lubricated air or hydraulic cylinder sealing applications. Please consult us for proper material selection.

Why Duro-Glide Seals?

  • Bi-directional piston seal
  • One piece piston gland construction
  • Non-lubricated service
  • Extended service life
  • High pressure hydraulic systems

What are Duro-Glide Seals?

Duro-Glide™ seals are available in many different Duron® materials and are specified based on your conditions and parameters. For a complete proposal, submit a Request for Quote and we will respond, immediately.


  • Machined Duron® sealing element
  • O-ring energized
  • Installed into full O-ring grooves construction with a modification to the groove depth
  • Selecting the O-ring energizer elastomer material depends on the temperature ranges and fluid media must be compatible with the elastomer compound being used in the application.
  • Pressure side notches are available
  • Mini -grooves are available 

Where are Duro-Glide Seals Used?

  • Pneumatic Air Cylinder Rod & Piston Seals
  • Spool Valve
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Metering Pistons
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Shock Absorber
  • Hydraulic Rod & Piston Seals

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