High Temperature Seals - High Temperature Sealing

High Temperature Seals

High Temperature Seals

Duron® materials can handle very high operating temperatures. PSI seals can handle continuous operating temperatures up to 600°F and can go up to 650°F for a short period of time, such as a heat soak back condition.

Duruseal® R and Duruseal® F seal designs are ideal for high temperature sealing applications. These two products have the greatest spring travel and the lowest spring load in the lineup of spring energized seal. This allows the seal to resist taking a cross-section set after exposure to this temperature.

Some of the specific high-temperature sealing applications where PSI’s spring energized seals have proven themselves include the following.

High Temperature Seal Applications:

  • Crystal growing equipment
  • Aircraft Bleed Air HVAC system
  • Anti-icing gas turbine engine systems
  • Furnace fuel valves
  • Gas Turbine engine fuel Nozzles
  • Steel Mill Cylinders

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