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Industrial Equipment Sealing Systems

low load cantilever finger springs Duruseal® F cantilever finger spring is designed for use in dynamic applications where high deflection and low load is desired.
angled coil spring Duruseal® AC an angled coil spring is designed for use in applications requiring low spring rate.
high spring load helical wound spring Duruseal® H a helical wound spring is designed for use in low pressure or Vacuum Sealing applications that require a high spring load.

Performance Sealing Inc. (PSI) designs and manufactures high performance seals for Industrial Equipment seals. The PSI family of Duron® materials can handle a wide variety of fluid media, high pressures, low friction, and improve seal life. PSI has a wide selection of spring energizers that allow the industrial equipment seal to be engineered to specific industrial sealing systems requirements. Typical gland dimensions for Duruseals® are designed for Mil G-5514G, JIS B 2401 and AS568A.The Performance Sealing Inc. Quality Management System is certified to AS9100D and ISO 9001:2008. These industrial equipment seals are good and will work for a variety of applications.

Industrial Equipment Sealing Solutions Applications:

  • Pneumatic Staple Guns
  • Pumps
  • Air Compressors
  • Valves
  • Paint Dispensing Equipment
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Epoxy Handling Equipment
  • Fluid Power Pumps and Motors
  • Servo Motors
  • Vapor Recovery Systems
  • Samplers
  • Fluid Power Cylinders
  • Non-Lubricated Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Steam Valves
  • Fuel Burners
  • Glass Manufacturing Equipment

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