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PTFE Low Friction Seal Manufacturer

Low Friction Seals

PTFE low friction seals have the lowest coefficient of friction of any solid material known to man. This allows PSI Duron® materials, made from PTFE and PTFE compounds, to engineer a low friction sealing system for your application. PSI is a low friction seal manufacturer and will combine the low friction Duron® materials with the proper Duruseal® or Durulip™ design to provide the best seal alternative for friction, wear and sealing ability.

Low Friction Sealing Applications:

  • Azimuth and Elevations Bearing Seals for FLIR systems
  • Battery Operated Pumps
  • Electric Car Drivetrain Seals
  • Optical equipment
  • Artillery Gun Sights
  • Servomotor
  • Hand Operated Potentiometers

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