Metal Cased Oil Lip Seals - PTFE Lip Seal Designs

PTFE Oil Lip Seals

Metal encased Duron® rotary lip seal design replaces conventional elastomeric oil seals where temperature, system pressure, or rotational speeds exceed the capability of a rubber oil seal. The metal-encased lip seal is engineered to meet your specific rotary seal design requirements.

Why use metal encased PTFE rotary lip seals?

  • Wide operating temperature range -100°F to 450°F (-73°C to 232°C)
  • Can be used in a variety of conditions and environments
  • Increase operating capability compared to oil seals up to 450 psig
  • Shaft surface speeds up to 5,000 feet per minute.
  • Multiple designs for optimal sealing 
  • Simple drop-in replacement for traditional rubber oil shaft seals.
  • Long seal life
  • Low friction
  • Chemical resistance


Metal encased Duron® rotary lip seals are available in many different Duron® materials and design configurations. For a complete proposal, request a quote and we will respond immediately.

Metal Lip Seals Single Lip Rotary Seal

Single lip rotary seals are ideal for general purpose use where higher speeds up to 5,000 surface feet/minute; pressures under 50 psig and relatively clean environments need to be sealed. Great for high temperatures.

Metal Lip Seals Modified Single Lip Rotary Seals

Modified single lip rotary seals provide a higher lip element load and thicker seal lip in the wear zone. This allows the seal to handle temperature and shaft run-out for longer seal life. Great for sealing gasses and liquids at very high shaft speeds.

Metal Lip Seals Single Lip, Hydrodynamic Rotary Seals

Single lip hydrodynamic rotary seals utilize a specially formed sealing lip that offers a hydrodynamic sealing advantage to retain fluids throughout the dynamic range. These are only for use with liquid media. They may be specified for clockwise or counterclockwise shaft motion as view from end of the shaft.

Metal Lip Seals Single Lip Rotary Seal with Excluder

Single lip rotary seal with excluder provides low friction environmental sealing. The excluder allows this seal to operate in contaminated environments and with very low pressure differential.

Metal Lip Seals Garter Spring Energized Single Lip Rotary Seal with Excluder

Garter spring energized single lip rotary seal with excluder are used when shaft run-outs are high, or a more positive drip-tight sealing is required. The garter spring offers improved sealing over the non-energized types. They are best sealing lubricant liquids, but can be used with other media at reduced rotary speeds.

Metal Lip Seals Double Lip Rotary Seals with Excluder

Double lip rotary seals with excluder are specified when higher pressures are required, greater than 50psig. This design can seal at very high PVs, normally for a lubricating media, such as for various hydraulic motors and pumps.

Metal Lip Seals Double Lip Hydrodynamic Rotary Seals with Excluder

The Double lip hydrodynamic rotary seals with excluder are designed for higher pressures and improved leakage control. The hydrodynamic feature also increases the PV capability of the seal. Clockwise or Counterclockwise rotation as viewed by the end of the shaft may be specified to optimize performance.


Lip Seal Applications

  • Compressors
  • Blowers
  • Power Transmission
  • Aircraft Gearbox
  • Industrial Gearbox
  • High Temperature Bearing Seals
  • Axles 
  • Pumps 
  • Motors
  • Material Handling

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