PTFE Oscillator Seals - Full Contact & Spring Energized Oscillator Seal

PTFE Full Contact & Spring Energized Oscillator Seals


Duruseals® are composed of a Duron® seal jacket and an energizer. We offer a wide range of Duron® and energizer materials, as well as configurations to satisfy your conditions and parameters. For a complete proposal, submit a request for quote and we will respond, immediately.


  • Spring energized seals replace conventional elastomeric O-rings and U-cups where the service conditions are beyond their operating capabilities
  • Self-lubricating and can be used in dry environments
  • Wide operating temperature range from -450°F to 600°F (-268°C to 315°C)
  • Pressure conditions from high vacuum to high pressure (50,000 psi)*
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • Designed, engineered and machined to fit
  • The spring enhances performance by:
    • Allowing for tolerance variation and run-out
    • Overcoming thermal expansion/contraction
    • Compensating for wear to increase the useful life of the seal.
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Duruseal® F:
Finger Spring Energized Radial Oscillatory Seal
Finger spring oscillatory radial seals are normally specified when a wide tolerance or imprecise alignments are required. Their long travel springs ensure conformance in a wide variety of conditions and temperature ranges.
oscillator seals
Duruseal® FIF:
Low Friction Finger Spring Oscillating Face Seal
Finger spring oscillatory face seal are used when extra travel and a lower friction seal is required. This design compensates for even more gland misalignment. Only suitable for low pressures.
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Duruseal® ACF:
Angled Coil Springs Radial Seal with a Flange
Angled coil spring energized oscillatory seal has the largest travel and lowest friction. It is also suitable for very small diameters. The angled coil spring energized seal operates in a very wide range of conditions also.
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Duruseal® FC:
Full Contact Spring Oscillatory Face Seal
Full contact oscillatory face seal requires positive sealing, especially at cryogenic temperatures.
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Duruseal® O:
Duraz™ Elastomeric O-Ring Energized Oscillatory Seal
Duraz elastomeric o-ring energized seals are a great choice when chemical resistance non-metallic seals are required.


PSI Duruseals® are used in many industries and applications. Here are a few examples:

  • Food Equipment Swivel Joints
  • Azimuth and Elevation Bearing Seals
  • Radar Equipment
  • Swivel Joints
  • Offshore Loading Buoys

Contact our technical sales staff today to discuss your application's operating, hardware, and commercial conditions to develop the best performing seal solution.

*Pressure capability is based on operating temperature. Consult PSI engineering to get a recommendation or seal back-up chart.

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