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Piston Rings seals made from Duron® PTFE materials are used for bi-directional piston sealing applications. This sealing system is used in high speed reciprocating applications such as non-lubricated compressors and cryogenic fluid pumping applications. There are three joints are commonly used in a Duron® PTFE piston ring.

Features & Benefits

  • Easily passes over ports
  • Available with a stainless steel spring to improve startup leakage performance
  • Extremely low friction
  • Ability to adjust to cylinder concentricity

piston rings Angle Cut / Butt Cut Piston Ring

The angle cut is the most economical where high to moderate leakage across the piston is acceptable.

piston rings Step Cut Piston Ring

The step cut piston ring improves leakage control over an angle cut piston or butt cut. The step restricts a direct leakage path found in the butt cut design.

piston ring seals Hook Joint Piston Ring

The hook joint provides a latching of the piston ring to facilitate installation of the piston ring.


Piston ring seals are available in many different Duron® materials and are specified based on your conditions and parameters. For a complete proposal, submit a request for quote and we will respond, immediately.

Piston Ring Seal Applications

  • Servo Control Valves
  • Cryogenic Pumps
  • Gas Compressors
  • Actuators
  • Transmissions
  • Steering Columns

Technical Resources

Contact our technical sales staff today to discuss your application's operating, hardware, and commercial conditions to develop the best performing seal solution.

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