Spring-Energized PTFE Reciprocating Seals - High Performance Reciprocating Seal

Spring Energized Reciprocating Seals

Why Spring-Energized PTFE Reciprocating Seals?

The Performance Sealing spring energized reciprocating seals replace conventional elastomeric O-rings and U-cups where the service conditions are beyond their operating capabilities. They can be designed, engineered, and machined to fit a variety of different applications to meet your needs. Additional benefits of using reciprocating seals include: 

  • Self-Lubricating and can be used in dry environments.
  • Excellent chemical compatibility for a variety of different applications.
  • The Spring Enhances Performance by:
    • Allowing for tolerance variation
    • Overcoming thermal expansion/contraction
    • Compensating for wear to increase the useful life of the seal.

Temperature & Pressure Range

Our reciprocating seals operate in a wide range of temperatures and pressure conditions.

  • Temperature Range from -450°F to 600°F (-268°C to 315°C)
  • Pressure Conditions from High Vacuum to High Pressure (50,000 psi)*

What are Duruseal® Spring-Energized Reciprocating Seals?

Duruseals® are composed of a Duron® seal jacket and an energizer. We offer a wide range of Duron® and energizer materials, as well as configurations to satisfy your conditions and parameters.

For a complete proposal, contact us today or request a quote on our available PTFE reciprocating seals below! 

Finger Spring Reciprocating Seal Duruseal® F: Finger Spring Reciprocating Seal

Finger spring reciprocating seals are suited for sealing viscuous media as the load is applied to the edge of the sealing lips.

Helical Spring Reciprocating Seal Duruseal® H: Helical Spring Reciprocating Seal

Helical spring reciprocating seals are suited for slow service, cold and vacuum service.

Angled Coil Spring Reciprocating Seal Duruseal® AC: Angled Coil Spring Reciprocating Seal

Angled coil spring seals are suited for low friction, small inside diameter cross sections and best at compensating for tolerance variation, and overcoming jacket wear.

Ribbon Spring Reciprocating Seal Duruseal® R: Ribbon Spring Reciprocating Seal

Ribbon Spring reciprocating seals are suited for extreme temperatures and hardware tolerance variations.

Elastomeric O-ring Duruseal® O: Duraz™ Elastomeric O-ring

Elastomeric O rings are best suited to minmize dead volume and provide a metal free seal.


Applications for High-Performance Reciprocating Seals

PSI Duruseals® are used in the aerospace, medical, oil & gas industry, and many more. Below are some examples of applications using reciprocating seals: 

Contact our technical sales staff today to discuss your application's operating, hardware, and commercial conditions to develop the best performing seal solution.

* Pressure capability is based on operating temperature. Consult PSI engineering to get a recommendation or seal back-up chart.

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